Thursday, January 15, 2009

Looking for a Property Manager in Charlotte

Dear Property Manager,

We are opening up a new office in the Charlotte area and have decided to buy the building and lease out the extra space until (and if) we need it as we grow.

We are a legal services firm with other office in Seattle, WA and Madison, WI and we are excited to be expanding into the Charlotte market.

As our headquarters are in the Seattle office, we will need to contract with a company to assist us in renting out the office space, as well as handling the building maintenance and collecting payments from our tenants, and the other financial details.

Is your company set up to handle both commercial leasing and management?

Nathan W.

Dear Nathan,

Congratulations on you expansion to the Charlotte area. Charlotte has much to offer and I believe you will find this to be a welcoming and growing business climate.

The Kuester Companies offer a full suite of real estate services, including commercial leasing & brokerage and property management. Both of these services are available through the Kuester Real Estate Services Group.

We would be happy to assist you in renting out your available space as well as in managing your property after it is leased. Please contact us at 803.802.0004, and we can get started in setting up your tenant space and finding the right occupants, as well as establishing a management agreement so when your Charlotte-based team has their first day, they can focus on getting their jobs done--and not on the details of property management.

Thank you for contacting Kuester.

Property Manager
Kuester Property Management

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