Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rental Property for Toy Store

Dear Property Manager –

I am launching a specialty toy store and am looking for a rental property in the northeast of York County, S.C.. I’ve done my business plan and know approximately how much I can pay per square foot. The only thing I need to decide now is where, and what type of location. Any advice?

Marge W., Charlotte, NC.

Dear Marge –

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but running a retail operation is all about location, location, location, unless you’re a destination business. As you know, you are fighting the competition of both big box and online toy retailers. That being said, specialty toy shops hold special magic for both parents and children that can lead to dynamic business.

A toy store is a destination during the holidays, but the rest of the year, it must be in a high traffic area, so you’ll want to consider either a busy downtown location with heavy foot traffic, a mall or a shopping plaza. The building also needs adequate restroom facilities, easy access for truck deliveries, ample parking and no obstacles for strollers. For each location you consider, investigate what other nearby businesses draw the type of clientele you’re targeting. Is there a family-friendly restaurant? A children’s clothing or shoe store? A pet store? A candy or book store? A pediatrician or dentist? These types of businesses offer a synergy that would be mutually beneficial

We manage a number of retail sites that provide the amenities you are seeking. One that comes to mind immediately is the Shoppes at Towne Square, located at in the heart of Fort Mill at 200 Doby's Bridge Road. This property has up to 2000 square ft. available for rent, great visibility from three sides, and is located in a high-end residential neighborhood where several of the retailers would fit the “synergy” criteria.

We’d be happy to meet with you to review your specifications and show you this and other properties that meet your needs. Please give us a call at (803) 802-2004.

With best regards,
Property Manager

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