Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Congratulations Kuester Managers of Distinction

The 2010 North Carolina Chapter CAI Event recognizes Kuester Managers for there hard work and dedication to the industry.

Holly Biddle, CMCA, onsite manager for Moss Creek Village Homeowners Association and Townhomes receives "Rookie Manager of the Year". Holly has accomplished several major projects for Moss Creek, one of which was deeding over a mile of common areas to the Concord Greenway Project.

Nickki Couick, CMCA, AMS, receives a Gold Star for chairing the 2010 Fall Resource Guide Committee. Nickki was responsible for assembling the 2010 Fall Conference Resource Guide which consisted of presentations from speakers, listing of volunteers and sponsors of the event.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is It Still a Good Time to Invest? YES

If you are like many Americans, you have been watching the markets with concern, but if you are among the lucky few who have been riding this storm, who have been hanging on, and maybe have a little bit of investment capital left, now might be a great opportunity to jump into the investment real estate business.

Kuester has many available properties in the Carolinas for you to choose from. Now is a great time to buy - it is a strong buyers market with many commercial properties currently selling below their appraised value.

If you are a serious investor willing to do what it takes to find the right property, and work with the right people, please give Kuester Property Management a call at 888.600.5044

Friday, October 15, 2010

Why Join an HOA?

More and more home buyers in the Carolinas are choosing to live in HOA communities. Why? Well, first of all, more new homes are being built in neighborhoods -- and neighborhoods generally have a builder who sets up the HOA as the homes are being completed. It makes sense that houses and families in close proximity would need to have a set of rules to follow for the overall happiness and continuity.

..And that is generally the point. People who live in the close proximity of neighborhoods like to have a set of rules that they know that their neighbors are following. Not everyone would be keen on their neighbors building a shed in there front yard. Not everyone would appreciate the artistic flair of painting a home in giant polka-dots. HOAs set the ground rules and policies that the everyone has to follow.

HOAs provide the structure through the CC&Rs -- and when you are looking to buy a home, it is your responsibility to know what the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions are --and if they are something that you wish to live within.

For so many the answer has been "yes" because this kind of "rule of law" helps us all be good neighbors, and give us recourse when someone is not.

Charlotte Property Manager.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shopping for a New HOA Property Manager?

Are you shopping for a new HOA Property Management Company? Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a Property Management Company not to meet the needs of the board and residents it serves. Sometimes the neighborhood is just too big, sometimes it is because the company over-promised--but we get a lot of new business from established neighborhoods that are just plain unhappy with the company with which they had contracted.

One of the best things that you can do if you are in the market for a new HOA Management Company is to create a complete list of "needs and wants." The Board of Directors for the HOA may do this, or a subcommittee may be created, but it is important to know what it is you are looking for and be able to articulate this to the prospective companies that present their proposals.

A lot of HOAs are cost-sensitive. And if this is the case, you should consider what you "need" the management company to do vs. what you would like them to do. It would be better to have better quality service from a reputable, experienced company which did not do everything... than a company which did everything poorly!

When interviewing the Property Management Companies, ask them how they would have handled the situations for which brought you to the decision to look for a new company! This will give you an idea of the creativity and ability of the companies AND give you an idea of how reasonable your expectations are. Your requests may be easily met--or there may be a challenge for which you had not considered. Finding the right HOA Management company is really about a partnership, and they are just as responsible for telling you what is not possible as you are for asking for what is.

Like with much else, communication is the key. Ask for what you want, listen to what can be done, and set the expectations so that everyone is on board and your next HOA Management company can be the permanent management company.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What is a Property Manager?

A Property Manager is a person -- or a company, that handles many tasks for a property on a daily basis, but one of the main roles of a project manager is to act as a liaison between the landlord and the tenants. It is essentially the Project Manager's responsibility to handle anything the tenants may need, and everything the landlord needs!

This is a tall order and sometimes the needs of the landlord outweigh the needs of the tenant. For example, if the tenant chooses to add a new puppy to the family, and the rental property does not allow pets, it is the Property Manager's duty to find a resolution. This may mean that the tenant will have to move, perhaps pay a fee, etc. The Property Manager must enforce the rules--and the contract the tenant signed.

The Property Manager may have to put the tenants needs ahead of the needs of the landlord too! For example if the roof is damaged in a storm, the Property Manager would be responsible for getting the roof repaired to code, for making sure the tenants are safe their belongings are not damaged. This may mean that the landlords need (or wish) to stay on budget for the year wont be met. The Property Manager must provide the tenants a suitable residence per the signed contract.

The Property Manager responds on the landlord's behalf to maintenance issues, and provides a buffer for those landlords desiring to distance themselves from their tenants. It brings order a professionalism to the relationship!

The Property Manager may take on the role of rent collection, marketing the property, screening the tenants, and resolving any issues amongst tenants, and the landlord.

A Property Manager's job is complex and the responsibilities vary from day to day as different issues arise. However big or small the job, our clients all agree they would not want to take it on themselves! And that is why we are here. We have the expertise, experience, and resources to be able to provide our clients with the best in property management, be it for a residential unit, or in a commercial space.

If you have invested in property in Charlotte, Boone, Myrtle Beach, Concord, or Charleston and would like to learn more about Property Management - please give Kuester a contact us.