Friday, January 30, 2009

Community Association Institute

Make sure your management company is involved in Community Association Institute (CAI). CAI teaches the "Best Practices" of the industry and offers classes to managers and homeowners. Managers can gain credentials such as CMCA, AMS and PCAM. At a minimum, managers should hold a CMCA designation or take the M100 course.

Most states have a chapter of CAI, including North and South Carolina. Kuester Management Group is an active member of both States. Bryan Kuester is the 2009 President of the North Carolina Chapter. It is required that each manager at Kuester Management hold at least a CMCA designation with two years experience in the industry. Unfortunately, most companies post the CAI Member logo on their home page yet fail to participate in CAI functions or educational opportunities. However, you can go to the CAI National website to look up management companies and how many managers have designations such as CMCA, AMS or PCAM.

Both North and South Carolina chapters of CAI are currently working to present a "Manager Licensing Bill" to the legistation. Managers will be required to pass the M100 course for a CMCA designation. This Bill will hold management companies and their managers more responsible for their actions. Kuester Management Group supports "Manager Licensing" in both North and South Carolina.

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