Friday, May 22, 2009

Commercial Real Estate Property Management

Dear Property Manager:

I own a small commercial property in Boone and need to hire a property management company to handle the daily upkeep and maintenance, as this quite a distance from my Charlotte home. What are the main responsibilities of a property manager, or management company? And is it appropriate to ask for references?

Alex K

Dear Alex:

In commercial real estate property management, the property manager (or the management company) is responsible for the marketing of the property, the tenant's satisfaction and occupancy (keeping it filled), administration and the facilities, and managing the financials.

The goal of a commercial property is ultimately to make money and the property manager, or property management company is the owner’s partner in making this happen. You should choose a company that can show strength in finances, as well as success in marketing, and references from current and past clients. Look at references especially from properties similar to the size and location of yours.

After completely looking into references and capabilities you should choose a property management company with whom you will work well, and whom you trust to represent you.

Choosing to hire a professional property management company is a benefit, and good financial decision for many commercial property owners.

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Property Manager
Kuester Property Management
Boone, NC

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