Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Relationship between the Board, HOA Management and the homeowner

 It is sometimes found in the Charlotte HOA management industry and beyond that the property management company is looked at as the "bad guy" due to the requirement that it send written notification to homeowners where there is a violation of the Association Covenants and Restrictions. Most times, the first contact that a homeowner may receive from one of our Charlotte property managers at Kuester is a courtesy letter.  This letter is not a violation notice, just an initial communication from us to let the homeowner know that something might be going on that they need to look at before it gets worse.  When communicating with homeowners, we constantly encourage them to remember that we are contractually bound to partner with the Board of Directors in its fiduciary duty to uphold the Association's Covenants and Restrictions in the manner that is described by South Carolina or North Carolina homeowners association law.  We always strive to work in a friendly manner to meet the challenge of dealing with homeowner’s concerns or possible escalating problems by acting as mediator so neighbors need not deal with neighbor issues.  In the South Carolina and North Carolina property management and HOA management industry, we feel our superior communications and service make us the best.  Give us a call today at 888.600.5044 to discuss how we may be of assistance to your community or homeowners association.  You can also visit our website.

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