Monday, February 9, 2009

Sale of Commercial Property

Dear Kuester –

I have a large piece of commercial property that I inherited, and would like to sell. I have sold houses before and had no problems, but I’ve been warned that I really need to work with a professional firm that specializes in real estate transactions. What would be my risks in such a sale, and is this the type of transaction Kuester could handle?

Ziggy R.

Dear Ziggy –

The sale of commercial property is far more complex than the sale of a house, for many reasons. In a commercial sale:

-->Your risk for liability is much higher;
-->There may be liens and title problems of which you are unaware;
-->Zoning issues may pose a threat to the sale;
-->You run increased risk of legal disputes;
-->Land use may come into contention;
-->Market fluctuations can jeopardize the sale;
-->There are debt service and lender requirements before another entity can purchase the property;
-->You may have hazardous material and environmental waste issues to address prior to selling;

While all of these potential risks are real, they are far from insurmountable. However, you do need the help of a seasoned professional real estate company whose wealth of experience in the sale of commercial properties will guide you through any obstacles that may arise.

Since 1975, Kuester been handling commercial property leasing, land and property sales and has managed commercial property for diverse types of businesses. Our goal is always to maximize profits, minimize challenges and obstacles for our clients and provide the highest level of customer care and service.

Please give us a call at 803.802.0004 for a private consultation on the sale of your commercially zoned property.

With best regards,

Property Manager
The Kuester Companies

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