Sunday, February 8, 2009

Commercial Site Location Services

Dear Property Manager

I have decided to launch an Italian restaurant in one of the suburbs of Charlotte. A buddy suggested I consult with you to help determine what locations would be the most advantageous. Could you please outline what services you provide?

Joey G.

Dear Joey –

Congratulations on your decision to open a restaurant!

In the past 32 years, we have helped hundreds of companies like yours find ideal locations that provide the greatest benefits for business growth.

Initially, we will sit down with you and determine whether you’re looking to launch a fine or casual dining restaurant and the necessary logistics such as seating capacity, kitchen size, ambiance desired, etc. We’d determine whether you prefer to build your restaurant or to lease or purchase an existing facility. If you prefer the latter, would you be seeking a turnkey move-in or whether renovation is an option.

To assist you in your decision of where to open your restaurant, we conduct market research, establish market development plans and conduct site tours to assure the best location. Then, we work on your behalf to ensure the best business arrangements to achieve your long-term goals.

Other services we provide include:

-->Trade Area Analysis
-->Site Package Process
-->Approval Coordination
-->Contract, Lease Negotiation and Legal Coordination with Analysis

Before you take that next critical step, give us a call at 803.802.0004.

Best regards,

Property Manager

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