Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What kind of training does a property manager need?

If you are considering a career in property management, you should know that your career can go in a couple of different directions, depending on where and what kind of properties you manage. Property management is an exciting and challenging industry and you will do well if you can be organized, stay on top of current laws and regulations, and maintain a strong network in your community.

If you are interested in becoming a property manager, you should first look for training in property management that suits the specific field in which you are interested in working. For example, most apartment communities utilize a property manager to interview prospective tenants, collect rent and oversee maintenance needs. You should focus your education on business, negotiation skills, communication and finance.

Commercial property managers, while performing many of the same duties as apartment property managers, may also be involved in negotiating contracts and handling leasing arrangements. A strong understanding of contract laws and the specific regulations that govern your town and state will be required.

You can receive certification from The National Property Management Association, and take certificate training programs that can provide you with a professional designation, and credibility as you look for open positions in property management. A certificate shows employers that you've received training in asset management, tenant communication and contracts.

If you would like to take your education further, you can receive a bachelor's or master's degree in residential property management. The curriculum includes courses in interior design, marketing and leasing, management, accounting and real estate law. During the course of study, you will take the certified apartment manager certification exam.

It is important that you consider membership in associations in your community. In addition to networking opportunities that have the potential to advance your career, you can find a number of continuing training opportunities. Look for groups such as the American Apartment Owners Association and the Property Management Association.

Property management careers can be exciting and rewarding for people who like to work with a variety of people, solve problems and be a valuable resource. If you are interested in careers in property management in the Carolinas, please check out the Kuester Contact page.

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