Monday, January 10, 2011

Is Now a Good Time to Buy Commercial Property?

Did you know that RIGHT NOW is one of the best times to purchase Commercial Real Estate in decades!

"But the economy..." you say. Well, yes, EXACTLY! Because of the bad economic conditions and the very unfortunate real estate situation, it is a "buyers market" for both residential and commercial property. Now is the time to pick up a great deal if you are willing and able. But this means that you have to have really good credit and probably cash on hand.

There are a many things to consider if a commercial real estate purchase is in your future, including the best type of property, the location and how to finance it. The option for a" Financing Purchase Transaction" should be looked at especially. Financing purchase transactions for owner occupant (meaning for your business) type loan requests may be a possibility for you, and may be a better option than other types of commercial mortgages since they are hard to qualify for currently. You may want to consider this option over other commercial mortgage programs, such a conventional and investor.

Need more convincing? We are currently at historic lows with property values, having dropped 30 -40% in the last 3 years. Historically, after a down cycle, property values came back up rapidly after the banking industry stabilizes and we are almost at that point. Do not miss out on a great opportunity.

Many business owners will be remiss in a few years that they did not take advantage of one this moment in time -- one of the best to purchase commercial real estate since the Great Depression.

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