Saturday, September 25, 2010

Multi-Unit Rental Property

Multi-unit residences in North and South Carolina are traditionally a good investment, because they are considered recession-proof. Everyone needs a home and multi-unit homes offer amenities at an affordable price.

If you are looking at potential investments, multi-units may be a good fit, but you should first consider if the units can provide you with an adequate potential cash flow--will the income from the properties cover your monthly costs, and the taxes, emergencies, and repairs.

You also need to think about the care and maintenance, marketing and management of the property and residences, and who will take care of these responsibilities.

Property Managers are a good option for owners of multi-unit properties. Not only can they take care of collecting the rent and handling minor disputes, they also are charged with keeping the buildings and property in good working order. A property manager will market the units and screen potential tenants.

Ultimately your ownership of a multi-unit property will be a good investment if you are able to manage the property properly.. and that is something that a professional property management company can assist you with and make your investment one with a positive cash flow.

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