Sunday, August 1, 2010

Advantages of Hiring a Property Manager

Have you ever wondered what the advantages are of hiring a professional property manager?

When a property manager is hired, the property owner or landlord can rest easy, knowing that they have a property management company working for them. The owner does not have to be concerned about marketing for and screening tenants, and they do not have to worry about daily maintenance issues. This frees up the owner to deal with their own business or hobbies and provides a buffer between them an their tenants.

Another advantage of working with a property management company is that the property manager takes on the responsibility of monitoring & maintaining occupancy levels and choosing the right tenants. Also, the property manager can handle the administrative functions of the property and make sure that the occupancy is high.

A good property manager will be a salesperson--able to persuade potential residents/tenants and buyers and have strong marketing skills to find the right people and/or businesses. A property manager will also make themselves available to handle building inspections, property insurance matters, maintenance requests, and showings.

A primary function of the property manager is to handle the finances and make sure residents pay and submit their rent payments on time. They are also involved with managing the finances and budget of that specific property. All insurance paperwork, taxes, billing, and scheduling of property bills can be the responsibility of a property management company, as can the ordering and maintaining supplies and equipment and collecting payments from the tenants.

Property managers can also supervise maintenance and cleaning crews, coordinate marketing and advertising efforts and know exactly the right time to bring in new tenants. In short, a property manager can take care of everything that you would need as a property owner, and do so effectively and efficiently.

Let us know if you are interested in learning more about property management or how Kuester would be able to help you market and manage your Carolina property.

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  1. Its really true the property owner or landlord can rest easy, knowing that they have a property management company working for them.. I remember hiring a property manager and he took a big rock of my heart...I had so much to make sure other things are still in progress..


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