Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tips on Buying Commercial Property in the Carolinas

Across the Carolinas there are excellent locations for investing in commercial property. With the economy on the start of a rise, now is the time to make the move.

The Carolinas have beautiful mountainous regions, sun-kissed beaches, and wonderful metropolitan cities in between. Owning a business building and then leasing it out can be great business but as with any type of investment, you will need to do some careful consideration.

If you are a property owner of a commercial building, you will have to maintain the property. Landscaping, building maintenance, general cleaning, and build-outs will have to be done. Hiring a great Carolina-based Commercial Property Manager will be the second-best investment after the property itself!

A property manager will be able to not only take care of maintenance and upkeep of your property but also provide you with advice, pricing suggestions, marketing, collecting rent and negotiating contracts.

The commercial property market can be competitive, and it will pay to get yourself out in the lead. An experienced and professional property management company will be able to lessen the risk of owning a commercial property by lending you their expertise.

Another important factor is to carefully consider location. Perhaps more important than the location of your home, is the location of your investment property. Proximity to like buildings, parking, shopping, walking traffic and/or bus lines are all things that should be weighed. While different types of businesses require different types of locations, you should research what kind of location your prospective tenants will need.

The appearance of the inside and outside of the building as well as the property itself should reflect the types of clientele you would like to attract. If you are looking to have a high-end spa as a tenant, this should be a factor in the type of decor and landscaping you choose. The same goes for it you are looking to put a small manufacturing business into the space! What do your prospective tenants look for in a building?

If you are considering a Carolina Commercial Investment Property, please consider giving Kuester Property Management a call. From locating the right property, to managing it, Kuester is able to meet your investment property needs.

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