Saturday, April 10, 2010

Commercial Property: Keeping an Eye on the Competition

When you are considering the purchase of a commercial property, one of the best things that you can do ahead of time is research the competition.

How long do the other buildings have unoccupied space?
Are there several available properties near the one you are considering?
What is the average length of lease of the building you are considering purchasing?
What is the average length of lease of the similar buildings in the area.

Take the time to walk the grounds of similar buildings. Can you see what they are doing well? Do they have well maintained landscaping, walkways and parking lots? What makes these buildings attractive to tenants? What could they do better? Can you talk to any of the business tenants of neighboring building?

Investing in commercial property is a big decision and goes way beyond just finding a place and putting a "for lease" sign up! Before you buy, investigate the market, do your homework, and make sure to put considerable time in "knowing your competition." Learning from the people who are doing it well, will make you more successful!

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