Monday, February 15, 2010

You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks: Property Management

In many professional fields, you are required to take a certain amount of additional education hours every year. Doctors, lawyers, and teachers all continue to learn throughout their career, and many of us are better for that enrichment. At Kuester, we believe that consistent and constant education is important for all of our employees, board members and homeowners. We can never stop learning, and thanks to the Community Association Institutes, we don’t have to!

Community Association Institutes (CAI) provides education, resources, and mentorship to people who manage homeowners associations, condominiums and other planned communities. For over three decades, CAI has enlisted local, state and national experts to provide the latest information on community association management and governance. These experts are drawn from all across the United States, and are talented people who understand the intricities of the business. These instructors share their personal experience, their knowledge, and their ideas with CAI members. In addition to a solid pool of gifted mentors, CAI also provides plenty of educational materials: books, seminars and workshops, research, continuing education and periodicals. This material acts as a back-up to any managing agent, ensuring that even when we aren’t in a CAI class we are still learning!

The CAI educational resources allow Kuester to develop skills to govern or manage your association successfully. Their education options range from beginner to advanced topics. Some of the topics covered include operations, managing people, strategic planning, and how to develop the necessary resources to solve any problems. CAI' also offers an Annual Community Association Law Seminar that provides a unique learning opportunity to discuss emerging trends and legislative issues and laws. The CAI is also a great chance for networking, since professionals have the opportunity for sharing their resources, ideas, thoughts and stories.

Thanks to the CAI, Kuester managers and staff are on the top of their game. Their educational opportunities and resources give Kuester unlimited possibilities to expand their acumen and abilities. CAI proves our new saying, ”You can teach an old dog new tricks!”

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