Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Property Management Customer Service

Property management isn’t just about the house, condo or apartment. It’s never totally about the property – it is always about the customer. Keep your clients happy, keep your clients smiling, and you will keep everything running smoothly. Giving your customers exceptional service, will mean steady income and no headaches. Kuester property managers know this, and their isn’t any secret to how we deliver customer service – here’s the recipe!

For most property managers like Kuester, there is usually two clients: the HOA Board of directors and then the individual owner. Both customers have to be treated with respect and care. Let’s discuss the HOA first…

Whether the property’s owner, out-of-town, or even out-of-state, the most important part of customer service is consistent and timely communication. We don’t suggest overwhelming and annoying contact, but we do think that keeping the property owner informed of an issues is always important. Depending on the arrangement, you should make sure the property owner is immediate informed of any changes to the property that might effect it’s value or their cash flow. Damages, late payments, and any tenant issues should be discussed at the property owners convenience.

After communication, timely attention to issues is paramount. If there is snow to be shoveled, see that it happens. If the pool needs to be drained, make the necessary arrangements. A good property manager is there to handle any issues that come up – quickly.

On the reverse side of the business arrangement, is the tenants. Many rookie property managers treat their tenants poorly – which is a terrible mistake. Unhappy tenants mean tenants who are going to be leaving – and when a tenant is gone, so is the source of income. Happy tenants stay, pay, and don’t have anything bad to say. Solid property mangers know that by delivering superb customer service, they can make their tenants happy.

How do you deliver a gold standard in customer service to your tenants? Be accessible! Be kind! Be on time! Your tenants have singed a contract and expect to live in a manner listed in that contract. Necessary repairs need to be made in a timely fashion, maintenance needs to be done promptly, and properties should react to their tenants issues quickly and without complaint.

At Kuester, we believe customer service is paramount. All our customers, property owners and tenants, are treated professionally and with respect. We have the skills and the savvy to deliver the service that is always rated tip-top.

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