Saturday, January 30, 2010

Property Manager – It’s The Little Things

In college, I lived in a great multi-unit apartment in Savannah. It was like Melrose Place, but with a lot less drama and death. The tenants, a great mix of young and old, really cared about one another and actively worked together as neighbors and a family. The key to this – and frankly, the reason for its success – was our all-star property management agency.

Their representative, a wonderful character named Brian, did way more then just fix our leaks and clean our gutters. He was a warm presence who went above and beyond the call of duty, a constant visible presence reminding us of the hard-work it takes to keep a complex going. A man who new the benefits of recycling before eco-friendliness came into vogue, Brian was an endearing educator who kept our common areas clean and our apartments repaired.

It wasn’t just Brian’s speed at answering our dilemmas, it was also his manner. Polite, punctual, and never patronizing – he set a tone in our complex that kept us there. Brian’s presence also helped us take greater pride in our homes – instead of treating our rental units poorly, we worked hard to keep them clean and maintained – putting the same pride into our space as Brian and our owners did…When it came time for lease renewal, there was never a question – of course we would stay! This was our home!

Personal stories aside, a property manager/management agency is key to any successful rental property. If you can’t be the their to run your own property, make sure you are using an organization that will run it in the direction you want…Keeping your tenants happy and keeping the rent flowing!

Property Manager
Kuester Property Management
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