Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Property Management: Keeping the Tenants Happy

Most people who have rental properties don’t lease them out for the joy of meeting new people. Rental properties are typically an important source of income and/or a solid investment. As long as they stay rented, your investment remains healthy and your income will remain steady. Solid and reliable property managers are crucial to keeping your tenants happy. Happy tenants are tenants who will not only renew their leases, but also recommend your properties to friends. Quality property managers also know how to deal with problem tenants, ensuring that rent is paid in a timely fashion and that your property will not sustain any costly damage.

No matter the reason why you turn to a property management agency, an attentive and responsible property manager will keep things humming along. Property mangers are the guys who shovel the snow, trim back the trees, and keep Mother Nature at bay (or, they know who to hire to make all this happen!) You have to remember that all of the upkeep that is needed to ensure your house runs smoothly – well, that kind of upkeep and more is needed to keep your rental property running. A property manager or management agency is the best bet to ensure you don’t spend your life keeping your rental properties running smooth.

Occasionally something will break or fail at even the most carefully maintained residence. Experienced property management agencies know what contractors to call when there is a problem and what contractors to avoid so not to get over-billed. Many property managers have preferred relationships with plumbers and other repairmen, and can also negotiate the best terms with other service providers like landscaping, pool cleaning, painters, snow removal and general contractors. Depending on your property and business relationship, your property manger can probably run things so efficiently that you might totally forget about the unit (well, at least until the checks come in!)

Property owners tend to choose an outside management agency to run their assets for many of the reasons above. Qualified property mangers will pay for themselves, by saving you on headaches and money--and keep your tenants happy!
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