Thursday, November 5, 2009

Property Management: Being a Good Tenant

If you are a commercial renter, and you deal with a property management agency or property manager – you have a unique relationship that needs to be nurtured and respected. A good relationship with your property manager will ensure you have a wonderful stay at this property. A bad relationship, will leave you both unhappy and unproductive.

When moving into the property, be sure to politely reach out to your property manager with a friendly “Hello!” and provide the best contact information for your business. You want to make sure the lines of communication are open. If your property manager can contact you easily, it might mean they take your calls quicker later down the road. You don’t need to be your property manager’s best friend. But, you should immediately demonstrate your ability to work with them. Let them know about any special circumstances concerns you may have. Will children be in the space? Do you have employees with special needs? An odd work schedule? Let them know.

When a problem or situation arises in your commercial rental unit, contact the property manager immediately. Depending on your rental agreement, you might be able to handle the crisis yourself. Still, you want to make the property manager aware of it ASAP. Once they are aware of the situation, give them a professional amount of time to handle the problem. Don’t keep calling, avoid pestering or annoying your property manager or agency. Some property managers have several properties, or this is a side-job or part-time situation for them. Contact them with issues that they are obligated to address in the lease agreement. Be polite, professional, and businesslike when you do contact them.

You should understand this is a business relationship and you need to maintain some boundaries. If your property manager is not responding to your needs, you should discuss it with him/her before going to the landlord or outside assistance. If you are supposed to have your sidewalks shoveled within 12 hours of snow-fall, then that is what should be done. Don’t bend too often, or you might find yourself bending always.

A property manager, like landlord, is there to ensure your commercial space arrangement is exactly what you are paying for…with your help! If the two of you work in tandem, you will ensure a safe, secure, and stress-free business relationship.

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