Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Benefits of an Active Property Management Company

An active property management company is vital to the success of your investment rental property. Here are just a few benefits to choosing a property management firm that will stay involved throughout the term of your contract:

-->A satisfied and stable tenant base--because they know that concerns will be taken care of by a consistant and available contact

-->An increased demand for rental space--because of the attention tenents recieve, the condition of the property and the other happy tenants

-->Lower maintenance and repair costs--because of the preventative maintenance that the property management company provides.

-->Increased property values--A better maintained property will garnish a higher rental price..

-->Better safety for tenants, managers and the neighborhood--An active and/or onsite property manager will deter crime and vandalism.

-->Happy neighbors--Surrounding property owner and managers will appreciate your clean, maintained, filled units and your satisfied tenants.

--> The time to spend on what you do best - and the peace of mind in not worrying about collecting rent, maintenance and keeping your tenants happy.

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