Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Home Owner's Associations and Management Companies

The relationship between Home Owner's Associations and the Management Companies that they work with is a strong partnership. The Management Company assists the HOA in collecting dues, caring for the common areas and scheduling maintenance. The Maintenance Company may also take care of violations to the CC&Rs and assist the HOA in arbitration matters.

The responsibilities of the Management Company vary but ultimately the responsibility that they have is to add structure, continuity and support to the volunteers that make up the HOA board. Since residents come and go, and not all can participate at that level, or all the time, the management company is able to be the backbone and manage the sometimes less desirable tasks such as informing residents that they have violated an regulation and that they will be fined. It also allows the neighbors to continue to be "neighborly" when an HOA dispute comes up.

At Kuester we believe that it is our job as the HOA Management Company to follow the lead of the HOA but also to give guidance and support when needed. It is our responsibility to assist the homeowners and provide them with the best that their neighborhood has to offer. We manage HOAs all over the Carolinas, big and small and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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