Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Decorations and Home Owner's Associations

'Tis the season right? The season for braving the cold weather and putting up those holiday decorations!

It is great to see families take pride in their holiday lights, and neighbors in friendly competition to out-do each other. But it is important this time of year to follow a couple tips when decorating, for safety, and also for the sake of the community.

First, before you get those strands of light ready, review your HOA policies. Some neighborhoods have rules on how early you can decorate, as well as how long the lights can stay up. Generally, these rules are reasonable and are meant to discourage people from putting up lights on Labor day and leaving them up through Valentine's day. However, it is good to know what the date ranges are, so that you don't incur a notice or a fine.

Some neighborhoods also try to coordinate "like" decorating - for aesthetic reasons, or to compete with other neighborhoods in the area. So before you put up your multi-color twinkly lights and hugh blow-up snow-globe, make sure your neighbors haven't decided that this is the "cool-blue" year.

Lastly, remember safety! There are plenty of new products on the market that make putting up lights safer than in the old days of climbing on the roof with a bunch of nails! Take advantage of the special clips and the extension pole when possible, and always put up lights with a partner. It will do no good to be in a leg cast over the holidays, but if something does happen, you will want someone to be able to help. Also, use special out-door lights, and don't over-load your electrical outlets. House fires are all too common during the holidays, so be careful, be smart, and light up your house... like.... a Christmas tree!

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