Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why You Hire A Property Manager

If you can afford one, you buy a dishwasher...saves time, gets those dishes spotless, and certainly makes most people’s lives happier.

Same with a snow blower, washer and dryer, or microwave. All labor saving devices.

People or services can be labor saving devices too. Cleaning people, delivery persons, gardeners, handy-men…All these people perform functions that we could do – but choose to outsource to save us time and frustration.

Some people we turn to provide services that we (theoretically) could do, but prefer to have in the hands of experts. Accountants handle our taxes, plumbers take care of our pipes, pastry chefs provide us with deserts, and thank heavens for those general contractors who help us with numerous projects around our property.

So whether you own one or two rental units, regardless if they are commercial lots or retail units, are you using a property manager? Why not? Unless you really enjoy all the time you are spending dealing with the tenants? Maybe endless landscaping and snow-shoveling is your cup of tea? Or perhaps chasing after rent or trying to even rent property is your idea of a relaxing weekend!

We might sound flip, but it is the truth. Property management is a rewarding and enjoyable job for many people. But for many other people, it is a time-consuming means to an end. If you don’t really love the day-to-day operations required in maintaining your investment property, then maybe you want to look into getting a property management agency.

Property management firms are affordable, reliable, and dependable resources for big and small property owners. If you want to free up some of your time to enjoy life, but still want to make sure that your tenants and property is managed – its an incredible solution.

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