Sunday, September 20, 2009

Choosing an Office Space

Charlotte and the surrounding area offers an amazing variety of office space. Big, small, Uptown, or up by the lake... your choices are nearly limitless. Yet, as you think about your business, and how you want to work, you can begin to narrow down the possibilities.

You certainly need to have a good, clean environment for your office. But beyond that, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1.) If there is only "office work" being done, (and no manufacturing or retail)?
2.) Do you need a "reception" area where clients would enter and wait for you?
3.) How much space will you need? (Remember, you may want to grow before the lease term is up).
4.) Will you need bathrooms, or can you share bathrooms with other offices in the same building?
5.) How much parking will you need?
6.) How far will you need/do you want to travel? (And how about your employees?)
7.) Do you need a room for computer servers, a conference room, kitchen, or other space?
8.) Do you want an open floor-plan, cubicles, or offices with doors?
9.) Will you frequently have clients in the space?
10.) What technology needs do you have, (i.e. Internet connections, phone service)
11.) What if any build-out will the property owner/management company do to make the space work for you.
12.) How far is the space from main roads, town, the airport, restaurants and other points of interest?
13.) What are the terms of the lease?
14.) Who are the other tenants? (Are they competitors, or partner-businesses?)
15.) How is the common area, landscaping, and parking lot managed?

Choosing the best space for your new office is important for your ability to do your work and succeed as a business. If you would like assistance finding the best office space in Charlotte, Boone, Concord, Myrtle Beach, or Fort Mill, SC, please contact Kuester Companies at 704.973.9019.

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Kuester Companies, North and South Carolina

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