Monday, August 10, 2009

What does an HOA cost?

Dear Property Manager:

I was recently elected to our HOA board and we are considering changing property management companies. Can you tell us what the average cost per resident is for HOAs? And besides the basic services, what can an property management company do? Can we include these in our request for proposal?

Kim T. HOA President

Dear Kim

I cannot give you an "average" cost per resident since the cost of HOA management service is directly related to the scope of the work the management company does...and this can vary. You and your board need to develop a scope of work and request proposals from at least three qualified management companies in the Charlotte area. Make sure that your prospects specialize in HOA management, and will offer references. But make sure to provide them each with the same list of "wants and needs." Some companies, (such as Kuester) now offer online applications for the residents to track their HOA dues status and other neighborhood information. This is a great option and should be something your candidates offer.

As for the "what" and HOA can offer, here is a link to the HOA services that Kuester provides. This should give you a good idea of what you can expect and what you can request when you fill out your RFP.

Best of luck and please contact me if you have any additional questions about HOAs!

Property Manager

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