Friday, July 17, 2009

Charlotte HOA Dog Stations

Dear Property Manager:

I was recently visiting a friend of mine south of Charlotte and I noticed that they have strategically placed "dog stations" throughout their neighborhood's common areas.

I am the president of our HOA and we have been considering a change in maintenance companies. It may seem like a minor thing, but having these is a nice touch for the residents with AND without dogs. I see this as just one of the things that shows an HOA cares and is paying attemtion, and I want our HOA property managemeny company to not only think of these kinds of things and bring them to us to make a decision on, but also to have readily available.

Can you tell me if you offer these "dog stations" and what other "value-added services" you might have for HOAs that you maintain.

Frank - Charlotte.

Dear Frank:

In addition to offering the best in propery management and HOA management services, Kuester does offer a variety of "value-added' professional services including:

-->Coordinating and supervising vendors on large projects
-->Providing clients with a reliable resource for all maintenance needs
-->Performing property inspections to gather preventative maintenance items
-->Tailoring a routine maintenance checklist to fit each community
-->Twenty four hour emergency service
-->Supervising capital reserve projects
-->Ensuring all maintenance repairs are completed with 100% client satisfaction

Kuester Maintenance services, LLC specializes in the following services but not limited to:

-->Siding / Fencing
-->Gutter service
-->Roofing / Flashing
-->Tree removal
-->Pressure washing
-->Sign installation
-->Drywall repair
-->Fido stations
-->Windows / Doors

So as you can see we not only offer those "Dog Stations," we also have a long list of other services. Please give us a call ( 704.973.9019) if you are seriously considering and HOA management company move, we would be happy to talk to you.

Kuester: HOA / Property Management
Kuester is the recognized leader in Charlotte HOA management, Charlotte property management and greater North Carolina Property Management.

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