Monday, April 6, 2009

The Importance of Property Maintenance

Recently, we have been seeing an increase in the number of property owners looking to sell or rent their properties. In a down economy, as more companies go out of business, more commercial space becomes available. Although in this type of market there is often an increase in the number of entrepreneurial businesses, they are often smaller in scale and have no need for the larger spaces that have been vacated. Although the Charlotte, NC market has not been hit as hard as many, there is no question that the commercial real estate market here has been impacted.

As we talk to those seeking renters or buyers for their commercial property, it always amazes us to see that the maintenance of many of these properties has been severely neglected, often over the long term. Sometimes, the neglect stems from financial difficulties, sometimes from a philosophy of frugality, but just as often, it stems from ignorance about how to maintain a property so that it will retain its value and attract prospective buyers or renters.

With so many choices on the market now here, regular professional property maintenance in Charlotte is one of the key ingredients in having a competitive property. If prospects see one building that has been well-maintained and one that has been neglected – which is easily noticed on a tour of the property – even if the pricing on the first is a little higher, guess which will win the prospect’s business.

Another reason to focus on property maintenance is, if a prospect visits a neglected property, the assumption is that the condition of disrepair will continue or even worsen. This can be a red flag.

Regular property maintenance also lowers costs in the long term. In most cases, its more expensive to fix something that is broken than to maintain it in working condition.

At Kuester, we offer professional property maintenance services by skilled experts. Because we handle this across many properties, the property owner benefits not only from our expertise and knowledgeable contractors, but also from economies of scale.

If you would like to have a professional on your team to assist you with property maintenance, call Kuester -  the Carolina property management experts - today for an estimate at 704.973.9016.

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