Friday, March 20, 2009

Time to Expand

Dear Property Manager,

My 4 person staff and I are stuffed into an office space I rented out almost 5 years ago when it was just me and a part-time bookkeeper. I would love to stay in this smaller, (less expensive) space, but since my lease is up in September, I am wondering if it is time to “bite the bullet” and upgrade the square footage.

Is there some way to know for sure? I am concerned about taking the leap before it is time.

Ivan M.
Charlotte, NC

Dear Ivan,

Given the economy – and even if we weren’t in a bit of a… let’s call it a “slowdown” --your position is an enviable one. The first thing that I will say is that it is really hard to be effective and efficient in a business setting when you are in a cramped space. If you are feeling the “crunch” now, then it is definitely time to start looking at a bigger office, or to ask your landlord if it is possible to expand the space that you are in.

Here 10 signs that it is time move or expand your office:

1.) People are sitting on top of one another – or sharing desk space

2.) Your company meetings are spilling into the hallway

3.) You can’t find anything because there are piles of paperwork, computers and people everywhere

4.) You are using the conference room as an office

5.) There is no place for guest to wait

6.) There is no place to have a “private” phone call

7.) Your employees are frustrated and unproductive

8.) The bathrooms are also being used as a storage area

9.) There is no place, for you, or for visitors to park

10.) You are hesitating to take on new clients and/or new employees because of your space issues.

Good luck finding the right space for your growing business and please let us know if you need help finding a new office space in the Charlotte area!

Property Manager
Kuester Property Management

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